20-year-old exchange program helps participants garner awards

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Mackenzie Taylor and Emma Webster to visit Leshan, China;
Trey Lines and Nicole Schuermann to visit Antrim-Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

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If you  hover your mouse pointer over the menu item Youth Ambassadors, you will be able to click on archived presentations from 2016.  You will also be able to click on a presentation from each of our 2017 Leshan delegates and Atrim & Newtownabbey delegates.

The four students that were chosen to participate in the exchange this past summer have returned from their amazing adventures. Please go to the sub heading of presentations to get see each of their experiences.

The two delegates that visited Antrim-Newtownabbey are:
Adie McIntosh and Bryson Johnson

The Leshan delegates are:

Nathan Greenlee and Lauren Smith

Congratulations to all those selected and all of the students that participated in the process!


Announcing the 2018 Gilbert Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Program

Click to Download 2018 Gilbert Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Application Form

Please Note:  Once you have downloaded the Youth Ambassador Application Form — you must save it to your computer.  To fill out the form open it up from your computer and the PDF form will be fillable.





Program History

One of the first programs instituted when the sister city partnership with Antrim-Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland became official in 1998 was the establishment of a youth ambassador program.  2017 will mark the eighteenth year of the program and the eighth time a youth ambassador program took place with Leshan, China.


The high school youth exchange program offers juniors in high school who reside in Gilbert or are a student in a Gilbert or Higley school, an opportunity to develop an understanding of different countries, their cultures and people. The high school delegates are chosen by a committee through a selection process, which includes group interviews, a series of  individual interviews and informal gatherings with both the students and their parents. The students that are selected from Gilbert will travel to our sister city for approximately three weeks. During their stay they will have a chance to closely experience a new culture and make lifelong friends by living with the family of their exchange “brother or sister.”  The home hosted experience makes it possible for the delegates to learn about their host cultures and customs in ways not available to a casual visitor. The Gilbert delegates will bring back a wealth of fascinating stories about their stay abroad, their contacts with the people and the precious experiences, which teach them lifelong lessons.